#GamingNews – 5 Top Games For Android & iOS Devices That Were Showcased At the E3 Meet 1

Updated – 28th August, 2016

So, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in Los Angeles in June, and a ton of games for the leading console systems in the market were showcased. Though we didn’t get to see so many games showcased for mobile phones & tablets, the following are the Top 5 games that have been made available for Android & iOS devices:

▪️Batman – The Telltale Series (Android & iOS)

A new angle to the Batman gaming series but this time by Telltale Games. Play Billionaire Bruce Wayne who doubles as the bat caper – Batman in a living comic styled game where you choose every action to be taken next in this epic Batman tale.

▪️Severed (iOS)

A popular title on Sony Playstation Vita, Severed takes you on the journey of a one-armed warrior with a living sword through a nightmare world in search of her family. Expect puzzles, battles with monsters & plenty of secrets to unravel.

▪️Minecraft Realms (Mojang) (for Android & iOS)

Already topping the charts in the Paid Games section of the Apps Stores in the name Minecraft Pocket Edition. Explore 3D worlds where you have to build & adapt to living conditions, explore as well as battle for survival.

▪️The Elder Scrolls – Legends (Android & iOS)

‎A Bethseda offering, it’s a strategy card game set in the Elders Scrolls Universe.

▪️Pokémon GO (for Android & iOS )

One of the most eagerly anticipated for mobile devices, as it brings the Pokémon monster adventures to the real world via Augmented Reality. Played in collaboration with a wrist worn device, the game is able to prompt you to look through your smartphone’s camera and see creatures around you or in your location. The wearable will be sold separately for $34.99.

If some of the games aren’t showing up upon search, could be largely due to location and would probably arrive soon.
Source: Phonearena

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  1. seems Pokemon is never gonna get to Nigeria for a very longtime

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