#SmartwatchNews – New Refsix Smartwatch And Integrated App Coming For Football Referees Soon 2

British based OEM, Doublesix is getting ready to launch the first all-encompassing smartwatch for football referees called the Refsix. 

The said watch will be built around it‎s already existing Refsix mobile app which is aimed at referees keeping full tabs on games being officiated.

The app, which is only available for Android phones & smart‎watches (with the iPhone/Apple Watch version coming soon), would enable referees keep track of how many cards they’ve given in a season, how many times they’ve officiated a particular team or some players of a team, record key match incidents, see upcoming fixtures & review previous results as well as previous performance.

The Refsix is being promoted to becoming the official watch for football referees soon with more functions and match-related incidences like goal line technology incorporated with it soon. It was a listed finalist in the 2016 Sports Technology Awards in the Best New Concept category.
Intended cost – £180

Now this would be Awesome!!!
Source: Wareable


  1. Niger refs should get this too oo..

    1. *naija

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