#SmartwatchNews – Samsung’s Next Generation Smartwatch Could Work With The iPhone. All We Know So Far 1

UPDATED – 28th August, 2016

Samsung is said to be rounding up work on its next generation Gear watch soon. Codenamed “Solis”, it will likely be the 3rd generation Gear S smartwatch and would be called the Gear S3.

The watch, which will feature a 1.2in screen, is expected to bring onboard better processing speed & better battery life, with a revamped S Health app kit which will see to the ease in sharing your workout stats with friends and compete against each other in meeting set goals. It’s also expected to have onboard GPS & extended WiFi reach to make it become a more standalone device independent of the phone.



The likely Gear S3 will run on Samsung’s very own Tizen OS like it’s predecessor and would likely be compatible with Apple products.

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Samsung has since sent out invites to its media event slated for the 31st of August, confirming the new round face design expected. We also notice a Rolex appeal to it too.



The Korean OEM is also believed to likely release 3 variants of the Gear S3 – Classic, Frontier and Explorer. A possible luxury edition with more premium specs is also rumoured to be in the works in collaboration with renowned jeweller – de Grisogono.


No official prices have been given for the coming Gear S3, but the luxury edition is believed to cost about $15,000.

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We await the official launch party to see these rumours laid to rest.


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  1. quite an innovation from Samsung… we’ll just anticipate..

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