#SmartwatchNews – The Sona Caeden Smart Bracelet Helps Make You Focus & Reduce Stress Levels Leave a comment

​Caeden is an interesting but stylish bracelet that pairs with your iPhone  (Android coming soon) via its dedicated app to monitor your breathing, heart rate/heart beat intervals, etc

It’s primary focus is to keep a detailed track of your health  & recommending health tips to improve conditions of asthmatic patients, depression & irritable bowel conditions.

It’s heartrate sensors are said to be next generation with accurate readings and monitoring. The Sony Caeden smart bracelet in conjunction with the app is able to help you build your resilience  against stress through 5 modes of meditation and focus sessions.

The interesting thing about these meditation and focus sessions is that they are backed and recommended by Doctors and Scientists.

It features a 4-day battery life, 10-day memory retention of health data, heart rate monitor, steps taken counter, distance covered monitor and calories burned monitor, etc

Price $149 on Caeden.

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