#PhoneNews – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 “Official” Colour Variants Leak. New Screen Glass Onboard 1

Finally!!! Just as so many analysts had wished for, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would likely arrive with Corning’s latest ultra-strengthened Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection.

The new screen is said to be the company’s Best yet with a higher resistance to scratches, cracks and would indeed withstand shattering from heights of atleast 1.6m high.
Also making it online from the rumour mills at Samsung are the purported official images of the colour variants of the Galaxy Note 7.
Blue Coral



While Samsung hasn’t confirmed any colour variants till now, these image renders are said to be the real deal. The said images as shown confirm the curved edge screens which spill to the sides of the Note 7, as well as the matching S-Pen with the various colour variants.

We await the official launch come August 2nd. 

Which colour kicks it for you?…There’s something about that Silver really. Lol


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  1. if only Samsung knew what was to come

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