#FunTechTips – How To Speed Up The App Animations On Your Android Phone Leave a comment

Loading and Switching between apps on your Android phone could be a sweet experience especially with the dramatic effect involved. It’s even better when your phone is one of those really quick processing phones. Lovely!!!

What we would be looking at today is getting you to even quicken the animation of these apps so you find yourself breezing in and out of apps with ease….

Step 1.: Access “About Phone/Device” under your phone settings

Step 2: Enable “Developer Options” by tapping on “Model Number” seven times (that’s if you don’t have it activated already. But if you do, proceed to step 3)

Step 3: Go back from that menu page once you get the notification that Developer’s Options have been enabled and access the “Developer’s Options” in the main settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Animations section and adjust from “1x” to probably “0.5x”. This would half the time it takes to load apps and switch between apps too. 

Funny enough, you could choose to turn off all animations but then, it could really look odd launching apps.


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