#PhoneWars – The Battle Of The Android BlackBerry Phones: BlackBerry Priv Vs BlackBerry DTEK50  3

BlackBerry’s second Android-powered smartphone – the BlackBerry DTEK50 (still trying to get used to that name) scored good points upon release. Largely due to its completely different outlook from a regular BlackBerry smartphone

Today, we square this latest kid on the block against the trailblazer device for BlackBerry that launched it into the Android realm.

BlackBerry Priv:


•9.4mm thick

•5.4in AMOLED 1440x2560p QuadHD screen @540ppi

•1.8GHz Hexacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 CPU

•3GB RAM, 32GB ROM exp via microSD to 2TB

•18MP Schneider Kreuznach camera with OIS, autofocus & dual LED flash, 2MP selfie camera

•Nano SIM support

•Android OS 5.1 (upgradeable to Android OS 6.0.1)

•3410mAh non-removable battery with fast charging support (60% in 30mins; 62h endurance)




BlackBerry DTEK50 


•7.4mm thick

•5.2in IPS LCD 1080x1920p FullHD screen @424ppi

•1.5GHz Octacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU

•3GB RAM, 16GB ROM exp via microSD to 2TB

•13MP camera with autofocus, dual LED flash & 8MP selfie camera


•Android OS 6.0.1

•2610mAh non-removable battery with fast charging support (60% in 30mins)




Interesting duel right here. While the DTEK50 shows flashes of brilliance in matching the Priv in terms of its CPU and main camera, it’s actually lighter, slimmer and cheaper than the Priv. It’s selfie camera game also tops the Priv as well. However, the Priv still comes out tops in screen clarity and resolution, base ROM & battery performance.
In the end, we still have to hand it to the BlackBerry Priv. 

Your thoughts?


  1. very close one…. but the privilege comes out tops

  2. For Price Affordability I will opt for the Dtek and it’s Onscreen Keypad. I Totally don’t like External Keypad Devices.. but in All Both Device Packs great Features.

    1. very true

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