#PhoneNews – Apple Finally Makes Known The Battery Capacities Of The iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus 3



With all the talk about “improved battery performance” stressed by Tim Cook and his team during the launch of the next-generation iPhones‎, many analysts waited with bated breath to know the capacities of these batteries in actual numbers.


Apple iPhone 7


Well, “the cat” has finally been let out of the bag as official confirmations put the battery capacities of‎ the iPhone 7 at 1960mAh compared to the 1750mAh battery from the iPhone 6s, while the iPhone 7 Plus gets a bump from 2750mAh to 2900mAh.


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Apple iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus


That’s true really.

We expect the new iPhones to offer about 16hrs of talk time & 53hrs of music play time (iPhone 7) and about 25hrs of talk time & 82hrs of music play time (iPhone 7 Plus).


Nice one Apple…





  1. A 3000mAh benchmark capacity for the plus variant really wouldn’t had killed Tim Cook and his Apple minions….. But nice one though

    The X-Lawz
  2. For an iPhone, that’s a huge improvement.

  3. Eventho the 6s battery us only 1750mAh ny phone lastest about 8 hrs a day on data and thats heavy usage… They said that iOS 10 suppose to improve the battey life even more as well so i’ll see how that goes.

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