#PhoneNews – Samsung Planning Major Bounce Back With The Galaxy S8 3

With the publicity on exploding Galaxy Note 7 units not abating, Korean OEM – Samsung has taken (and is still taking) what would probably be ‎it’s biggest brand image beating in recent times.


Samsung Galaxy S8


But then, you don’t expect the Sammy boys to take all these lying down right?.. I’ll answer that for you:


Samsung Galaxy S8

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And what better way to bounce back than to unleash more firepower and years of innovative research Samsung is known for in the coming Galaxy S8 smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy S8


News sources from Korea confirm leaks of two model numbers – SM-G950 & SM-G955‎ believed to be the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge models. This further corroborated by the usual model numbers of the Galaxy S -series phones. For example, the S7 has the model number SM-G930. Ordinarily the S8 would have had the “940” inclusion in its model numbering, but the Koreans associate the number “4” to bad luck.


Samsung Galaxy S8


Though no concrete specs have been made known yet as we are definitely still at the early stages of rumours and leaks, analysts suggest that‎ Samsung would speed up the release of the Galaxy S8 models to boost its brand image & goodwill.

What do you guys think Samsung would do with the S8 models this time around?





  1. Am sure they’ll truly bounce back!

  2. Samsung, slow down tho

  3. Same phone different model number … its the same thing over and over … so far I think the note 4,5 & 6 are the best note series that they ever offered.

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