#PhoneNews – Apple’s iPhone 7 Blows Competition Out Of The Water In Speed Tests 3

iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus

After a series of speed tests conducted involving the iPhone 7 and some of the Best Android phones in the market, by our friends at Tom’s Guide, permit me to state that you are actually staring at the “World’s Fastest” phone up there.


iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus fastest phone in the world

The said speed tests involved CPU performance, Graphics performance and Browser speed, while the “combatants” were Apple’s iPhone 7, Samsung’s Galaxy S7, LG’s G5 & the OnePlus 3.

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Here’s how they scored:

1. CPU Performance:



Scoring a whooping 5507 points in the CPU multicores test, Apple’s iPhone 7 tops the Android gang by a wide margin. The OnePlus 3 comes 2nd with a score of 4,171 largely due to its 6GB RAM.

2. Graphics Performance



Amazing scores yet again as the Android competition are seen to be no match for the iPhone 7 in handling gaming load times and overall game play.

3. Browser Speed:




With its revamped browser, the iPhone 7 beats the Android competition yet again in its loading & overall handling of browser tabs.


iPhone 7 fastest phone in the world

More test categories and scores are expected from Tom’s Guide soon.


Our opinion:

The iPhone 7 would definitely score highest in these categories on the grounds of a smaller screen and lower resolution, with a powerful CPU calling the shots under the hood. Others are slowed down largely due to their bigger screens, higher screen resolution , etc.


What do you guys think? True representation? Or Hasty conclusion without considering some of the features



Please note these about the phones above:

• Apple iPhone 7 runs on 1.8GHz Quadcore Apple A10 Fusion CPU, has 2GB RAM & a HD screen
• Samsung Galaxy S7 runs on 2.3GHz Octacore Exynos 8890 CPU, has 4GB RAM & QuadHD screen
• LG G5 runs on 2.15GHz Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, has 4GB RAM & FullHD screen
• OnePlus 3 runs on 2.15GHz Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, has 6GB RAM & FullHD screen


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  1. apple all the way… not surprised tho…

  2. Apple is bae❤

  3. Apple custom made processors are always top of the line… ppl cld say what they want about them the phones look the same and blah blah blah … but the quality & security will always be on top. Right now iOS is fasssssssss i am loving it on my 6s and my 5s

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