#PhoneNews – Microsoft To Debut A New Kind Of Fingerprint Scanner With The Surface Phone 10


She’s a beauty right?.. ‎(Even if the pictures made available have not been “officially” confirmed by Microsoft)


In my opinion if Microsoft were to have kickstarted it’s march to worldwide reckoning a while back, it should have been with the Surface Phone‎. Asides leveraging on its already successful “Surface” name tag, the features that have been rumoured before now have been nothing short of AWESOME!.


New rumours made known due to a patent filed by Microsoft at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ‎indicate a likely new fingerprint scanner technology yet to be seen on any smartphone to date.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Yup!….The rumoured fingerprint scanner would be incorporated right on the phone’s screen through‎ a new wave technology the company intends to fit into. This would already spell the possibilities of a much thinner Surface phone

Microsoft Surface Phone
The Microsoft Surface Phone would likely debut next year – March 2017 . Let’s hope it’s before Apple because it’s also believed the iPhone 8 would incorporate a similar TouchID technology onboard.


The Surface Phone has been rumoured to feature a 5.7in QuadHD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821/830 CPU, 6/8GB RAM, 128/256GB ROM, 21MP main camera, 8MP Selfie shooter, Windows OS 10, 4000mAh battery & a USB Type-C port.





  1. This wldnt be bad for a birthday gift. Surprise !!!!!!?

  2. Way to go for Microsoft

  3. There is quite a competition in the phone market than in money market…every phone it’s try na outfmdo each other…

  4. If only they can make this phone support Android, it’ll be a killer.

    1. yes o…

  5. Na now dem get sense ?

  6. well… good for Microsoft tryna rejuvenate their phone line… let’s see how it goes… next year’s not far

  7. Surface phone? Wooooow!!

  8. Wow! This is sweet… I hope I’m rich enough to get it when it comes out…

  9. you’re right it is a beauty … and Microsoft really should have started with this … let’s wait and see what the performance will be like when this does likely launch … I’m sure apple will be launching the new phone in September 2017 … and they will probably have the 7s before the 8 .. they are kind of predictable. Let’s see if they break that predictability streak.

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