#PhoneNews – #HissGate: Apple Watching Closely As Users Report Hissing Sound From The iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus 6

Haaaaaa! … What’s going on?… first Samsung came under the hammer for explosive Note 7 units and now seems Apple might just be about to have its share of knocks for ‎a yet-to-be confirmed “fault” with some of its iPhone 7 units.


Watch this:

iPhone 7 hissing sound

Well a lot of early adopters of the iPhone 7 have reported this hissing sound coming from within. Though not as audible as you’d think, the sound is reported to get in the way of video recordings done using the said units.

iPhone 7 hissing


Apple is said to be watching developments closely and haven’t made any official statements yet. However an official actually suggested an outright swap for these hissing snakes…sorry… iPhones.


iPhone 7 hissing sounds

Analysts believe the sound is the “coil whine” ‎sound synonymous to other electronics. They attribute this to the powerful A10 Fusion processor onboard.

Are we in for another bout of “recalls” from Apple? Let’s watch and see.



  1. Lol. Game changer??

  2. Hissing sound really they probably need to fix it

  3. the race to impress is being lost… the note 7 now the iPhone 7…yes may be as a result of heavy usage of the powerful CPU but adequate tests should have been done before release. we’ll watch to see how it unfolds

  4. Lol..guess the other side is trying to get even

  5. Let’s just hope this competition between phone manufacturers doesn’t make them loose focus… But I also feel the hiss is a normal phenomenon… Just that it shouldn’t be audible. Apple needs to do something about it. IPhone 7 is here to stay so a solution should be on its way…

  6. was only a matter of time … the first set of phones always have problems … let’s see if its something that can be fixed with a “fix” or if its something that needs to be recalled … should be interesting. That is a hella powerful processor though.. that cld really be what is causing the hissing when in heavy usage …. hopefully it gets fixed.

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