#PhoneFeature – The YotaPhone 2: See The World From Two Fronts 15

Meet Yota’s Yotaphone 2: The World’s First Smartphone to feature a coloured screen in front and a grayscale screen behind.



 Yota yotaphone 2

This IF Awards finalist for design innovation in 2015 is indeed a looker as irrespective of how it lies, you still get up to the minute notifications and information.

Yota yotaphone 2

Hmmmm, got a point, but then the YotaPhone ‎2 screens are protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, making them scratch resistant to a great degree.

Checkout it’s features:

• 5in ‎AMOLED 1080x1920p FullHD screen @441ppi in front and a 4.7in‎ Electronic Paper 960x540p Grey scale display @235ppi at the back.
•‎ 2.3GHz Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU
• 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM (no microSD slot)
• 8MP main camera with LED flash, autofocus ; 2.1MP selfie
• Single SIM
• Android OS 5.1
• 2500mAh non-removable battery


Yota yotaphone 2

See more pictures:


img_8609 img_8611 img_8612 img_8613 img_8614


It’s electronic paper display allows it serve as the perfect viewing screen for reading e-books and also help display info like weather updates, meeting schedule times, as well as help as a photo frame for pictures and/or wallpapers.


The YotaPhone 2 is hailed for being indeed a marvel due to its brilliant AMOLED display, useful secondary e-ink display, great processing speed and relatively fair price. However, it gets knocks for its not-so-brilliant camera performance, slight difficulty in handling due to its dual screen and poor Yota software overlay on Android.


One major problem analysts see facing the Yotaphone 2 is the limited market appeal for it. Especially in this part of the World where we are so concerned about taking care of our phone screens. This would indeed affect sales in the short and long run. Sad though.


Like I can’t help but ask, how would a case for this phone look like?


Yota yotaphone 2

The YotaPhone 2 is already on sale and can be bought here for $181.93.


Irrespective, it’s  a welcome innovation so far as mobile phone telephony is concerned.



  1. I honestly didnt see the dual screen part. Woah!! Amazeballz???

    1. cool stuff

      1. Just noticed the dual screen part too…really cool

  2. The name sounds like a biscuit i know?

    1. lol…. WTF.. biscuit ?

  3. Yota?? These names tho. Smh

  4. Lit

  5. pretty awesome….

  6. Good one but the camera and battery needs to be upgraded. It would make sense too on a dual Sim mode

  7. Wow this is incredible, the specs didn’t really do justice but still not bad….if you give me I go collect o lol

    1. you like good thing too much

      1. And is it a crime in our constitution?

  8. Each and Every New Day there is Innovations and Great New Ideas. This is Something Out of the Box. Let’s See how much Acceptance it gets.

    1. What can I say…We are in the Jet Age

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