#PhoneNews – Samsung Not Out Of The Woods Yet As Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Units Reported To Overheat 13


Oh my! Oh my!! Oh myyyy!!! Samsung definitely isn’t out of the “exploding” woods yet or so it seems. New cases of overheating replacement units of the Galaxy Note 7 have surfaced and are beginning to start another storm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Despite embarking on a massive replacement swap program ‎for users of the first set of Galaxy Note 7 units, news making the rounds claim that the new units seem to also overheat. Other reports however, stress quick battery discharge problems as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung says its watching proceedings closely as it keeps tab on these new reports. However, an official of the Korean OEM states that the new issues do not pose any threat to the safety of the users.

We expect more updates in this regard in the coming days.‎ But what exactly is going wrong with Samsung’s production line?



  1. still not over for Samsung…. hope they recover from all these…

    1. I also hope they do too ?

  2. Overheating and rapid battery discharge? RIP SAMSUNG??

    1. lol..

    2. Lol…not so fast. If they had this kind of mindset from the beginning, they wouldn’t have gone this.far

  3. Ouch!! True, they’ve been messing up wt their latest releases.

  4. Shoo. Dem no go text the phone for like a week b4 letting it out. ????

  5. I suspect Juju from a company in close competition with them…I did not say Apple oo!

    1. juju… lol ?
      very strong one indeed

  6. Not again, Samsung isnt lucky this year

    1. not adequately tested before its release… they would definitely guard against this in the future

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