#FunTechFacts – Did You Know That Apple Wasn’t The First To Produce The “iPhone”? 16

Being one of the best selling brands in the world today, the iPhones are indeed phenomenal, raking up billions of dollars in sales ‎since it’s introduction in 2007.

Infogear iPhone Apple iPhone

But it’ll interest you to know that Apple isn’t‎ the first company to produce or sell phones with the brand name – “iPhone”

Infogear iPhone Apple iphone

InfoGear, a California-based OEM is credited for being behind the first commercially available “iPhones”. The said “iPhone” was an Internet Touchscreen Telephone that was released way back in 1998. Though not our traditional smartphone, the InfoGear iPhone was a desktop telephone that featured a black and white 640x480p touchscree‎n & 2MB of RAM.

Infogear iPhone Apple iPhone

infogear iPhone Apple iPhone

It’s design was so futuristic, packing a touchscreen display and a slideout full QWERTY keyboard. A choice for many business executives then, it’s memory was able to hold up to 200 emails.



InfoGear was bought over by Cisco Systems in the early 2000’s. This was  after ceasing to produce the desktop iPhones in 1999. Cisco then introduced its Linksys iPhone in 2006 as a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone.



After Apple launched its iPhone‎ officially in 2007, it was sued by Cisco for trademark infringement (like doesn’t that sound familiar?. Lol). The case was later settled with both companies being granted the right to use the “iPhone” brand name. But then, only one iPhone exists today.. and it’s definitely not from Cisco. Lol


infogear iPhone Apple iPhone



  1. Black and white touchscreen and 2mb Ram…wtf? ?

    1. that was in 98… definitely a big deal back then

  2. We’ve all been deceived all this while lol…

    1. lol…. that have the right to use the name too na

  3. I gues i was wrong then. Secret leaked indeed!?????

    1. lol… don’t think apple stole the name though… the i ish thingy has been Apple’s idea… like the iPod

      1. I’m guessing u were working with apple then right?

  4. And i was here thinking Apple was the father of “iphone”.

  5. Lol. Wtf!

  6. That’s Some Serious Discovery tonight.

    1. I’m telling u! Like seriously

  7. interesting read….

  8. Damn. I never knew ?

    1. Be glad u visited Smart Hub because now u know…some still don’t know

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