#PhoneNews – Image Renders Of HTC’s Coming Buttonless Phone – “Ocean” Leak Online 8

If this rumour pans out to be real, the entire smartphone world would indeed witness yet another revolutionary innovation in interface soon and HTC seems to be in the forefront of this.

Htc buttonless ocean phone

The new “Ocean” series from HTC has been rumoured to be in the works and would likely launch early next year. What is particularly interesting about the new model series is the fact that there really won’t be any buttons on it. Yep! You heard that right. No power buttons, no volume buttons, nada…..

Htc ocean buttonless phone

Rumours have it that the Ocean series would have all those functions embedded within the casing. Thus with a simple swipe, Touch or pressure touch on the edges, sides or parts of the body, would perform those functions.

Htc ocean buttonless phone

Though no info regarding looks and specs have been given officially by HTC, Tech Configurations has released image renders of what the HTC Ocean might indeed look like in line with hearsays and trends. See photos below:






The new design form factor is noticeable here too with the chamfered edge design. Also seen is the USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and dual camera setup.

While this would be great to see in reality, how it would be adopted by users is another.

What do you guys think?





  1. Oh well… I don’t yet see any ground-braking ability of the phone, let alone a proper use for that feature fee even,but again, it’s welcome cuz if I know a thing or two about technological advancements, then I know that HTC only needs get it started, bit it’s likely other OEM’s that will apply it better thus, putting it to proper use…. And a quick word for HTC…. It’s so not your little buttons we hate about you…. Buy HAVE YOU GOTTEN RID OF THOSE REPULSIVE UNNECESSARY BEZELS?…. yeah right, I didn’t think so…. Do that first, then we can set up a meet to discuss… Lol

  2. Epic bruh epic

  3. It would be a great addition to the phone and tech world. I can’t wait for it’s release; I want to see how well the phone would be accepted.

    1. I believe it should

  4. Lovely

    Kalu obioma joy
  5. oh my… can’t wait
    this would be awesome

  6. No this Is gonna be some Awesome and Amazing Never Seen before Innovative. I can’t wait to See and feel it.

    Also do something About Your Posts. Pictures don’t loan Up from My End I didn’t know If it’s the Same Somewhere else

    1. the design sef is top class… premium

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