#AppsNews – Action Launcher 3 Brings The Feel Of Android OS 7.1 For You To Try Out 10

Ok so Android OS 7.0 Nougat has since been released. But knowing how slowly Android OS updates get adopted worldwide‎, we probably won’t get it anytime soon.

Action lancher 3

Anyways, Chris Lacy intends to bring the experience of the new OS 7.0 to “every” Android phone ‎sooner than expected with the newest update to his launcher – Action Launcher 3.

Action Launcher 3

The new update brings with it, a plethora of the features introduced by Google in the new OS including:

•Quickcuts – Which brings the Android OS 7.1 new launch style with a swipe on an app icon revealing other menu shortcuts.


Action Launcher 3

•Round Icon style introduced by the OS 7.1

• Add tint to the dock background and caret ‎page

•The new Google ‎”pill” & date widget




The new launcher also enables users import layouts and patterns of previously used launchers. It also supports phablet and tablet layout too

Available free here with the option for in-app purchases to have access to all its features.




  1. Looks great!

    1. pretty much okay I think

  2. Cool

  3. Nice one!

  4. it’s good… doubt it gonna feel like the real deal

  5. Looks awesome

    1. it sure does

  6. Awesomely Good

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