#FunTechTips: Valuable PC Tips You Need To Know 4

Trust me, there’s no core curriculum for technology. YES!!! Nobody teaches you the basics. You just pick stuff up as you go along. #Shiken

• They’ll save you time.
• They’ll prevent future headaches.
• They’ll put you in touch with things you never even knew existed!

Time-Saving PC Tips:

#1– I’m always dazzled when I come across another person who isn’t aware of the fact that you can search for a single word on any page on the Internet (or in any Windows document) that you have opened.
Whenever you’re reading something and want to know if a particular word has been mentioned in that article, simply click CTRL+F and type in that word. Your cursor will then jump to every instance on the page that word is used. SIMPLE!

 Valuable PC Tips


Again, this works on almost EVERY Windows OS PC out there! Trust me. So if you’re using Microsoft Windows… give it a try! Any time, just press CTRL+F… to FIND any word.

#2 Let’s say you have to cut and paste a whole chunk of info from one document into another, and you accidentally hit the wrong key… e.g. the letter “C” instead of CTRL+C (keyboard shortcut for “Copy”). Oh no, now there’s just a letter “C” in place of what you had intended to COPY into another document.


Valuable PC Tips


Not to worry… Just click CTRL+Z to UNDO your little mistake and it’s back the way it was before you typed the “C”. In other words: CTRL+Z are your go-to-guys ANYTIME you’ve hit the wrong key and want to get back what you’ve deleted.

Along those same lines, you can also use CTRL+Z to “un-Bold” something you’ve just made Bold. Or, to “un-Center” something you’ve just centered, etc. In short, you can use CTRL+Z to back yourself out of virtually anything you’ve done up to the last time you SAVED your document. A time-saver… AND a life-saver!

Valuable PC Tips

#3 It seems the best advice to friends in recent months has become: “Just GOOGLE it!” damn it.

Valuable PC Tips

Whenever you’re not sure about something, just GOOGLE it! No matter the topic. It doesn’t even have to be something that’s gadget-related. If you want to see if other people have had similar problems as you, have aired their opinions about a specific product or service, or you just want to know how something works, GOOGLE it.

First, you should try to input the entire phrase — then sit back and see what you get. Scan the results QUICKLY for something that seems to be written for your level of understanding, and click on the article to take a peek. If it answers your question, great. If not, then GOOGLE just a few of the keywords together, rather than the whole phrase this time.
Every time you GOOGLE it a different way, you’ll get a whole new set of search results. ONE of them will point you in the right direction.


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  1. on point….

  2. Damn I never knew these shit. Feel like a virgin ????

    1. lol… I know that feeling

  3. Yes It’s True. I’ve Learned a Lot Since 2003 I’ve Been Using the PC even Before the Evolution of Phones and when the Era of Phones came My Prior Knowledge in PC and Internet Helped in Handling the Smartphone. Even at that I’m still learning New Tricks by the Day. Thanks Smarthub there’s always New things to Learn from Your Channel and Web Page

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