#PhoneNews: Amidst Cases Of Exploding “Note 7” Units, Samsung Has A Galaxy “X” In The Works 15

It has been a very trying time for Samsung lately. Very bad indeed. The exploding battery incidences has saddened the company and is now threatening to kill one of its brightest hopes for 2016/17, the Galaxy Note 7.

Even if Samsung wanted to resolve the problem as they always do, the damage to its brand is already done — how could a company the size of Samsung miss something like that?

It has caused a negative reaction in the world e.g. – mass-recalls, to outright sales bans, etc. It will take a lot from Samsung to be able to bounce back from this, because not only does it now have to convince punters its phones are the best, but it also has to show that they’re SAFE.

The best thing right now for Samsung to do is to look forward to next year and implement damage control for its Note 7 device. And did I mention this is a real shame as well, because according to reports on September 19, the Galaxy Note 7 was apparently selling very well prior to the incident.
Samsung’s next BIG THING to hit the market will be the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship, which is scheduled for launch inside early 2017. However, in 2017 there is a MASSIVE potential twist on the cards and it goes by the name of Samsung Galaxy X.

Did we hear you say WHY?

It’s Simple. This will be the first commercial handset that is completely flexible, meaning you will be able to fold and flex it. Samsung has been developing this tech for years, and in 2017 it will finally be ready for public consumption.

Will the Galaxy X replace the Galaxy S8? This remains unknown. What’s more like it is that it will be a side-brand like the Galaxy Note series. But if the rumours ring true and the Galaxy X is a truly flexible handset, the reaction from consumers could be HUGE.

I mean, the status-quo of mobile design hasn’t really changed since 2007. The Galaxy X and the technology behind it stands to seriously shake things up on the mobile front by showing consumers that they can have phones that change shape, flex and roll-up. I mean, just think about that for a second — it’s HUGE. And, importantly, it’d give Samsung a huge marketing advantage over Apple and pretty much everybody else in the space.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

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  1. Smh for Samsung.

    1. lol….

  2. Na Samsung go Chop All Our Money finish

    1. Hehehe… Na Dier fans go suffer ni

      1. lol… I be Samsung fan na

  3. Yea.. Really dope

    1. that’s the word… dope

  4. Oh well….. Fingers Crossed… But really bro, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one though…sounds quite promising though… But again, Good thing I already know what device I want for 2017…..unless something really, and I mean REALLY DRASTIC happens between now and then…. Good luck to that anyway

    1. Keeping fingers crossed?

  5. whaaa…. fingers crossed

  6. I don’t think the note problem will bring dem down but on the other hand We dey wait

    1. we’ll just wait and see

  7. Wow that is the Coolest Technology I’ve Ever Seen so far. It just keeps getting better by the Day. I’m a Gadget Lover and I Love Good and Brilliant Innovations. I look forward to Seeing this and Probably owning On

    1. dope stuff… can’t wait sef

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