Gadget Finance

A. Why SmartHUB Gadgets Finance?

We all dream of owning that one gadget (phone, laptop, tablet, etc) but just can’t seem to afford it immediately. Well, worry no more, SGF (SmartHUB Gadgets Finance) is here to make your dreams come true.


B. Terms and Conditions (Cash on Delivery Gadgets):

  1. Applicable to staff of Banks, Insurance companies, Telecommunications outfits, Oil & Gas companies, Accounting & Consultancy firms.
  2. A duly filled and signed customer form
  3. Copy of staff identification card
  4. Copy of employment/confirmation letter.
  5. Post dated cheques
  6. However, those not covered in 1 above, can get a friend or relative concerned in 1 above to provide all the details and documentation required.
  7. Applicable gadgets are those on offer for Cash on Delivery


C. How It Works (Cash on Delivery Gadgets)?

  1. You pick a gadget of at least N50,000 and contact us either via our onsite live chat, via calls to or WhatsApp on 09052725318 about it.
  2. We work out the payment duration and Installments and duly inform you.
  3. Once agreed, we send you our customer form to fill, sign and send back to us, alongside other documentation highlighted in Section B above.
  4. Please note that if documents to be used are of a friend or relative concerned in Section B(1) above, he/ she should fill and sign the customer form.
  5. Upon receipt and verification of documents, you make your first payment to SmartHUB Nigeria Limited – 0092029591 Diamond Bank . After payment confirmation, we deliver to you within 24hrs at the applicable delivery charge.


How It Works For Other Gadgets:

For other Gadgets not under the COD (Cash on Delivery) finance arrangement, here’s how SGF works:

We take at least 70% payment upfront for your gadget of choice and ship your order to you within 3-15 BUSINESS DAYS depending on the delivery option (please note that business days do not include weekends).

However, before delivery is made, we notify you of the balance to be paid and despatch to you after payment confirmation.

A delivery charge would apply depending on your location.

Please note that where customer does not pay up balance after a week, the balance outstanding would be adjusted in the light of price changes if applicable.

Where customer does not pay up balance after a month, the gadget becomes eligible for another buyer to purchase after full payment. Thereafter, a refund of the initial 70% down payment is made back to you.


Customer Assurance and Guarantee:

1. We can give you phone numbers of over 60 customers we have done such transactions with since April, 2017, so they can attest to our genuiness, integrity and sincerity.

2. Payments are made via transfers to SmartHUB Nigeria Ltd – 0092029591 Diamond Bank. SmartHUB Nigeria Limited is a duly registered company here in Nigeria with RC No: 1284565 and with BVN, all our Directors and Signatories can be tracked and traced out if there are any issues. You have nothing to worry about.